• Bernie Sanders on VA Legislation: In This Case, We Need to Know What’s in the Bill Before We Pass It

    Isn't it ironic...don't ya think?

    Hypocrisy! Irony! It’s all here, Daily Surgers!

    “We have not held a hearing on this legislation. And some of us are old-fashioned enough to know that maybe folks in the Senate might want to know what is in the bill before we voted on it.”

    Nope, those aren’t the words of a Republican shaming the Democrats during the Obamacare debate–it’s none other than Bernie Sanders! Taken from the Senate floor just a couple of days ago, the “Independent” senator from Vermont is suddenly urging caution when it comes to passing bills. Why? Well, it was barely two weeks ago that we told you Bernie has been quivering in his Socialist boots over the VA scandal. As Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Committee, the effects of a probe into the misconduct at VA hospitals has a good chance of showering a pot full of slop onto him personally, and in a tense midterm election year, he obviously does NOT want to be associated with this scandal on any level. Did I mention this delusional madman has also been pondering a run for the White House?

    Bernie is right in the sense that all bills presented on the floor should be thoroughly debated and understood before voting on them. But this particular bill, proposed by Marco Rubio, was quite a simple one; it was intended simply as a legal measure to allow firings at the Veterans Administration once guilty individuals are identified. Furthermore, where was this “we need to know what’s in the bill” standard back when Obamacare was being rammed through Congress?

    Did Sanders ever object to…this?

    Of. Course. Not.

    Bernie should take a journey…through YouTube.

    Matt Fox

    Senior Editor

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