• Bob Beckel: Elizabeth Warren Is Kinda Ugly

    Liberal commentator Bob Beckel — fresh off his admission that he once punched a woman — compared the women elected to the U.S. Senate unfavorably to your average female Fox host and claimed he “likes [Democratic Massachusetts Sen.] Elizabeth Warren, but could she sit here with you guys?”

    The “Outnumbered” panel — which features four women discussing recent news with one rotating male commentator — was discussing a new study showing that women with more feminine features have an easier time winning elected office.

    Beckel was at first unsurprised by the finding, but ended up agreeing with Fox News’ contributor Kirsten Powers when she claimed “there are lots of women who aren’t that feminine, who have won office who are — you know. In fact, I think a lot of them play it down.”

    “Take a look at the women who have been elected to the United States Senate,” Beckel concurred. “Now that is not you all, I can tell you that.”

    “Be kind,” Fox host Harris Faulkner warned.

    “I’m being kind about it, but take a look at ’em,” Beckel plowed on, comparing his leggy co-hosts to female politicians on Capitol Hill. “I mean, I like Elizabeth Warren, but could she sit here with you guys?”

    “Okay, let’s just stop,” Powers urged Beckel, who — to his credit — obliged.

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