• This Book is So Good, You Can Literally Drink it

    Introducing "The Drinkable Book"

    Access to safe, drinkable water is becoming more and more of a luxury in modern America. Most people realize by now that drinking tap water is terrible for your health. Water is Life is a charity organization that’s dedicated to helping provide healthy drinking water. And now, they’ve released a book that you can actually drink.

    That’s right; after you’re done reading about safe water, you can then tear out the pages of “The Drinkable Book” and use them as water filters! Water safety tips are printed on every page in food-grade ink, and the book comes housed in a 3-D printed box that converts into a filtration tray.


    From CNET:

    It’s not a perfect solution — the paper can’t remove dissolved solids or chemicals from contaminated water supplies — but it’s a lot better than many people have access to. Each page contains two filters, and each filter can be used to safely treat around 100 litres of water — up to four years’ worth, depending on usage. The team will be conducting field tests later this year, hoping to raise funds for a full print run, and aim for a commercial release in 2015.

    I’ve heard of eating your words, but never drinking them. Are you ready to imbibe?

    Matt Fox

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