• Brazilian Soccer Fan Killed By a Flying Toilet Bowl

    Talk about a crappy way to go

    Something tells me the World Cup might want to reconsider its host city. The games begin on June 12th in Natal, but already, there’s been a huge ruckus in the nearby city of Recife, where five of the tournament games are scheduled to be played.

    Over the weekend, police detained more than 40 people due to fan fighting. A cop who wishes to remain anonymous says some bros ripped three toilet bowls out of stadium restrooms, and then proceeded to throw them from the stands. One of those bowls instantly killed a fan identified as Paulo Ricardo Gomes da Silva.

    In Natal, where the bulk of the games will be hosted this year, a separate fight broke out this weekend in which fans of two rival teams threw rocks and pieces of wood at each other until authorities arrived to break it up.

    Violence at sporting events is common in Brazil, but FIFA insists security will be heightened.

    Incidentally, flying toilet bowls aren’t really anything out of the ordinary if you’ve ever seen a Phillies game. Phillies fans have been known to vomit on children. I guess it’s all fun and games…until someone is murdered by the porcelain god.

    On a related note, check out this footage from Friday of Rayo Vallecano fans covering the field with toilet paper (and read more on it here):



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