• Dems: Obama Administration’s VA Scandal is Totally the Republicans’ Fault, or Something

    Spinning beginning

    It really hasn’t taken long at all for Democrats to figure out a way to blame the GOP for Obama/Shinseki’s Veterans Affairs debacle. Here’s the basic gist of their “logic”:

    • Republicans love war.
    • War causes increased casualties.
    • Increased casualties causes VA dysfunction.
    • VA dysfunction becomes an epidemic because Republicans don’t fund it enough.

    Get it? Got it? Good. Obama flack David Plouffe (seen above) isn’t the only one testing the waters on this pathetic narrative. Here’s Nancy Pelosi doing the exact same thing only a couple of a days ago:

    Wow. These guys will do just about anything to shift the blame away from a Democrat president. And given the tough midterm election season that’s about to come crashing down on them, are we at all surprised? Of course not.

    Up next: why Republicans are to blame for Harry Reid’s body odor.

    Matt Fox

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