• Fox Panel Clashes Over Karl Rove’s Remarks On Hillary’s Health: ‘You’re Generating Sympathy For Her!’

    A “Fox News Sunday” panel split over whether Karl Rove’s recent remark that Hillary Clinton may have “brain damage” went over the line, with Fox contributor Brit Hume calling it “legitimate” while fellow contributors Kirsten Powers and Juan Williams denounced it as a “personal attack.”

    Rove himself appeared on the panel, playing defense over a remark that was condemned by those on both sides of the aisle in the past week. Powers claimed “her faculties were being questioned, which really, I think, is unfair to question that . . . I haven’t seen anything to suggest that there’s something wrong with her brain.”

    Hume disagreed, noting we should have more information on the Democratic Party’s all-but-coronated candidate for 2016, who suffered a major fall and concussion in 2012.

    “If someone has a terrible concussion and undergoes six months of treatment, and there’s a blood clot near the brain, the whole thing needs to be laid out and explained,” he declared. “She may be just fine, but it is a legitimate issue to raise about her.”

    Williams and Rove went head-to-head on the issue, with Williams calling it a “harsh attack.”

    “It was a personal attack,” Williams accused. “The GOP at this moment is apoplectic over Hillary Clinton . . . You guys are going crazy! And this now, not only are you beating her. You’re beating her about the head and generating sympathy for her!”

    “Let’s be clear,” Rove responded. “She’s gonna have to cough up these medical records and describe this. This was a serious — look, the Center for Disease Control says ‘a concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury.'”

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