• George Will Destroys “Hashtag Activism”


    Well, finally someone has called out the #HashtagDiplomacy (or #HashtagActivism) phenomenon for what it is: a bunch of crap.

    Last week, we brought you the story about how Michelle Obama seems to think she can convince one of the most brutal terrorist groups in the world to return 300+ kidnapped girls…by holding up a sign with a stupid internet meme sprawled across it. Quite frankly, it’s shocking to me that George Will is the first prominent pundit out there to forcefully assail this stupidity, since just about everyone seems to realize how ridiculous it is. It’s one thing to use hashtags to try and get us to eat healthy foods, but it’s quite another for Michelle to think the “Twitterverse” alone can save these poor girls. Then again, I’d expect no less from the most naïve First Family in American history.

    Rep. Mike Rogers concurs:

    Up next, Barack will attempt to make friends with Vladimir Putin by sending him a Facebook poke.

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