• Income Inequality Comes To The Ritz Carlton

    This past weekend the Democracy Alliance, a secretive organization made up of uber liberal donors, kicked off their annual meeting.

    Many of America’s most rich and famous liberals came together to once again plot ways to use their riches to shape the future course of our country.

    The irony and hypocrisy surrounding this gathering is palpable. One of the issues these well heeled donors intend to address at their meeting held at the tony Ritz Carlton in Chicago was naturally, income inequality.


    While discussing the plight of the impoverished, attendees were feted with food prepared by top chefs and wines flown in from vineyards owned by Democracy Alliance members.

    The irony only begins with the choice of venues and the menu. When one looks at the policies that these elitists advocate, it becomes overwhelming.

    Many of the very policies they are assembled to plot have contributed to the gutting of the middle class. The policies they advocate may be salve for these elitists’ guilt, satisfaction to their egos, or in many cases, healthy for their bottom line. But for working class Americans, not so much.

    One of the star players at the meeting in Chicago is Tom Steyer, a billionaire former hedge fund manager. Steyer has made it his life’s mission to prevent 20,000 jobs associated with the extension of the Keystone Pipeline from ever coming to fruition. One reason, of course, may be that Steyer has profited handsomely from investment in a competing pipeline.

    Environmental Activists Protest Keystone XL Pipeline Outside Obama Fundraiser

    Aside from opposing job creating projects, these plutocrats fervently advocate a host of other policies that cost Americans dearly.

    The ethanol mandate, for instance, is a hidden tax on all Americans that the Congressional Budget Office found responsible for a large portion of increases in food prices.

    A carbon tax would decimate employment in America — not for these trust fund babies — but for blue collar Americans. One study found that a carbon tax would cut the income of a family of four by $1,900 per year in 2016 and lead to average losses of $1,400 per year through 2035.

    Elimination of coal as a form of energy would devastate large portions of the country and jack-up the electricity costs for everyone else. Don’t forget the urgent demand to raise the minimum wage that will, even according to the Congressional Budget Office, destroy thousands of entry-level jobs for workers.


    This article first appeared at Theblaze.com. Read the full article here

    Edward Woodson

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