• Introducing the “Anti-Surveillance Mask” That Protects Your Privacy

    One step closer to THX 1138

    Are you ready for the first major breakthrough in “identity replacement technology”? Well, here comes the anti-surveillance mask!

    If you’re someone who’s not comfortable with the idea of surveillance cameras and Google Earth satellites everywhere, the notion of a Personal Surveillance Identity Prosthetic may be just what you’re looking for. The idea is simple: a man named Leo Selvaggio has created a 3D -printed resin mask based on the structure of his own face. When cameras capture your movements while wearing the Leo mask, every one of your actions will be attributed to HIM instead of you! Why he’s willing to assume that burden either makes him a true patriot or a true narcissist–but who are we to judge?


    The prosthetic looks like a cross between a Guy Fawkes mask and the one worn by Tom Cruise in “Vanilla Sky.” It’s called the URME (pronounced “U R Me”), and with the exception of allowing your own eyes to peer out of two tiny holes, the rendering of Leo’s face has an astonishing realism to it. It’s manufactured over at ThatsMyFace.com, which is actually a real thing.


    “To be clear, I am not anti-surveillance,” says Selvaggio. “What I am pushing for is increasing the amount of public discourse about surveillance and how it affects our behavior in public space. When we are watched we are fundamentally changed. We perform rather than be.” So it would appear that he’s not motivated by the same things that make Rand Paul tick. But something tells me they’d get along just great.

    What will come as a surprise to almost no one is that this product has been launched on a crowd-funding website. Over at Indiegogo, Selvaggio has achieved well beyond his monetary goal of $1,000. So if your dream is to live in a world of androgynous Agent Smiths in which all people look alike, rest assured that the first major step has been taken. Those who opted to pledge a dollar instead of forking out the 200 bucks for the complete prosthetic were at least able to receive a paper mask in the mail (pictured below), so it would appear that everyone is a winner here.


    Something tells me this is going to make Halloween extremely boring. Luckily, one can always wear multiple masks if they so choose.

    Matt Fox

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