• Jay Carney Out…While Lefties Begin to Turn on Slowbama

    No, seriously

    Finally, the dope who purported to be the White House Press Secretary couldn’t take it anymore, and he bolted…if that’s really what happened. We know that Jay Carney has been reportedly thinking about leaving his post for some time now, but it’s quite interesting that his departure was announced on the same day that Shinseki “resigned.” Might–gasp–politics be at play here?!? There wasn’t so much as a heads-up to the White House press pool before Obama crashed the daily briefing today, and if you’re at all familiar with how things operate in that room, you know that’s rather odd.

    Yeah, I’d definitely say this has all the trappings of a typical Friday afternoon Obama “document dump.” In this case, the document was Jay. And he was dumped in such a way to distract the media from the fact that Slowbama was so slow to fire Shinseki that he looked like an idiot by the time he’d “accepted” the General’s resignation. Even MSNBC’s Chris Matthews could see through the Shinseki spin this morning:

    Well, that was a pleasant surprise. You see, some of the most ardent media liberals have already parted ways with Obama over his handling of the “Shinmessy,” and it was only after “Rick” tendered his resignation that Obama was able to save face over his snail’s pace. In layman’s terms, the president finally decided to fire the head of the VA…but only after having been dragged into doing so kicking and screaming, as many of us predicted. It’s exactly the same scenario he found himself in with former HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius during the height of the Obamacare debacle–only, he managed to stretch her tenure out by many months before ultimately pulling the trigger on her termination. Barry insisted today that the situations were different in their specifics, but it was the typical garbly-gook that one can expect from such presidential announcements.

    Meanwhile, Chris Matthews has actually been breathing fire down upon El Prezzo all week, first claiming that Obama has put all of America on a “waiting list” to hear his decision about the scandal, much like the waiting list that our precious veterans suffered through. And now, as seen above in response to the Secretary’s exit, Matthews is comparing Shinseki’s “lack of awareness” about the goings-on at VA hospitals to Obama’s “lack of awareness” about Obamacare’s many problems. Sick burn!

    But the fascinating part is the fact that Chris isn’t alone. “Big Eddie” Schultz later proclaimed that “the only person who couldn’t see that [Shinseki needed to go] was President Obama.”

    Wild stuff. So who’s next to break ranks with Barry? I’m certainly not holding my breath to hear divergence from the president by Bernie Sanders, who today blamed the Koch Brothers for the scandal, all while saluting Shinseki for standing up to Bush and Rumsfeld over the Iraq War. But surely there are more angry Lefties about to reveal themselves.

    Is it just me, or does the kid who lost last night’s Spelling Bee remind you a lot of Obama? He was so convinced he had the right answer, but alas:

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