• Limbaugh: Liberal ‘Fearmongering’ Over Climate Change Designed To Make Kids Vote Democrat

    Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh reacted to a Canadian story detailing “climate change anxiety” among children, claiming that liberal “fearmongering” over climate change is deliberately designed to push and promote big government policies on future Democratic voters.

    Limbaugh highlighted a story which ran this weekend in the Canadian Globe and Mail, which spoke about the trauma inflicted on youths by the relentless doomsday rhetoric on climate and the environment.

    “The advice from the experts on how to keep from being driven crazy by climate change hysteria is not to ignore it,” Limbaugh explained. “The advice is not to accept and believe you’ve been hoaxed.  Oh, no, no, no.”

    “You know what you’re supposed to do to deal with your fear and anxiety?” he continued. “Get involved in climate change activism. That’s the way they will ensure that you vote Democrat. That’s the way they will insure that you end up supporting bigger government.”

    Rush mused that the “need” to create trauma and disaster to invent a political purpose is a relatively recent experience. He noted that his parents, who went through the Great Depression, World War II and Korea, “didn’t have time to get self-absorbed.”

    “Our parents were not that way,” he said. “They had it tougher. I mean, you might want to say that the things that we have endured, okay, we’ve had Vietnam, yeah, and we had the Gulf War and we’ve had — but, see, then some people throw in, ‘Yeah, we’ve had climate change.’ No, you’ve had a hoax!”

    “There isn’t any man-made disaster occurring out there,” Limbaugh declared. “It can’t be proved . . . There isn’t any empirical evidence of it. It’s all fearmongering brought on by predictions, computer models.”

    “So they take whatever extreme of the day is happening and they assign it to climate change,” he explained. “Climate change is a perfect example of something that has been manufactured, that causes people trauma and fear and gives them something that they gotta get involved in to save the country and to save the world.”

    “And of course the way you do it,” he continued, “you vote Democrat, you believe in liberalism, you support expanding government, near-totalitarian type leaders and so forth, agree to pay higher taxes, drive junk cars, and you are now saving the planet.”

    That’s how you feel good about yourself,” Limbaugh noted. “That’s how your life has meaning. It’s all made up. It’s all manufactured. It’s just one of many examples of what I think is traumas we’ve had to invent or to tell ourselves we have challenges.”

    On Tuesday the White House released a new climate change report underscoring the possible threats of drought and increased forest fires and calling for quick legislative and regulatory action.

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