• ‘Morning Joe’ Panel Savages NYT Over Gender Pay Gap, Predicts ‘Backlash’ From Women Readers

    Panelists on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” attacked The New York Times over the gender pay disparity revealed by the firing of executive editor Jill Abramson, with the BBC’s Katty Kay predicting a “backlash” from women subscribers.

    Scarborough and company savaged the Times over the firing of Abramson weeks after she complained she was earning less than the man she replaced. The newspaper first tried to claim the dispute over the gender wage gap played no role — even that there was no wage gap — but a Times spokesperson later contradicted both those claims.

    Scarborough slammed the paper for “offering statements that you think a third-rate politician would offer, only to get punctured by organizations like — the Times! Did they not expect that their false and misleading statements wouldn’t get blown out of the water?”

    The BBC’s Katty Kay agreed. “Stunning mismanagement,” she claimed. “And I think that the Times is going to feel a backlash. I wouldn’t be surprised if women subscribers to the Times are looking quite closely this morning at their subscriptions to that newspaper.”

    “Certainly women within the organization that I’ve spoken to say they’re blindsided by this,” she continued. “That there’s a real sense that they’ve been let down as women in the organization, that there’s still an old boy’s culture at the New York Times.”

    “And they are stunned,” Kay went on. “I had one New York Times reporter woman say she was very depressed about what happened yesterday. What the Times has done is undermined their own reporters, undermined their organization, and handled this phenomenally badly. The brutality of the firing alone.”

    [h/t Mediaite]

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