• Movie Review: “Blended”


    When a movie has the likes of Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore starring together, you would think comedy gold is surely to present itself.  Unfortunately neither of them quite deliver in their newest film, Blended.

    The film starts out with Barrymore’s character doing the all-too-familar breakdown of a blind date  to her girlfriend over the phone while in a ladies room stall at…of all places, Hooters.  From there we get treated to what has to be one of the funniest blind date trainwrecks I’ve seen on-screen with Sandler’s character appearing to be extremely bored served with a side of blatant rudeness.  First impressions can be deceiving and as this romantic comedy film progresses with this introduction of the main characters, we see two single parents spread very thin–struggle between trying to control family life, and the one of holding things together when things are out of control.

    Eventually the two characters find themselves stuck with each other at an exotic resort in Africa during a massive celebration of blended families of which it seems money is no object. Families made up of, “Stepfamilies, Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships and booty calls gone wrong,” the resort emphasizes the ‘blending’ of families as a celebration. and in case you didn’t get the theme, Terry Crews’s character, and his backup band of South African a capella singers are there to remind you…a lot…in very humorous situations as the plot thickens.

    While definitely not as raunchily funny as 2012’s That’s My Boy, Blended does have a lot of comedic situations which mostly all families can relate to and laugh at. Refreshingly there aren’t any male-bashing scenes nor attempts to make the men in the film grossly incompetent.  The film makes a point to compliment and celebrate the strengths both mothers and fathers have when it comes to loving and raising children.  Again, as this is an Adam Sandler movie there are quite a few raunchy jokes. So yes, the PG-13 rating is more than warranted. The storyline of the films does move kind of slow and you can almost sense gaps in the film where it seems the writers weren’t sure what direction to take it. While teens will be laughing over most of the jokes, older adults will wonder why isn’t this film moving at a better clip like other Adam Sandler movies? (hint: the R ones move quicker).

    While I can’t say this is a ‘must see’ movie, especially given the PG-13 rating which excludes a good amount of the family audience, it is a nice matinee flick to see with teens when they tire of seeing X-Men: Days of Future Past for the umpeenth time. Even better, just wait until it comes out on DVD at Redbox.

    FYI–Definitely stay for the credits to hear Adam Sandler singing with whom I presume are his kids. Pretty cool in contrast to The Hanukkah Song!

    Blended is now playing in theaters.

    Trish Williams

    Trish Williams is a former engineering major, who resides in Philadelphia. Trish is an avid reader, advocate for STEM education in schools, and a firearms enthusiast. She hopes to relocate to the coastal South for warmer weather and conservative political surroundings.

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