• NBC Wants Katie Couric Back on The Today Show

    A temporary move...or something more?

    If current talks go well, expect to see Katie Couric making a return to “The TODAY Show” very soon. It has been revealed that the head honchos at NBC are in serious negotiations to bring the veteran TV host back to mornings when 42-year old Savannah Guthrie goes on maternity leave this summer.

    Couric, now 57, might experience a bit of déjà vu if it happens. Back in 1991, she sat in when Deborah Norville left for maternity leave. Norville never returned, and Katie was awarded the gig full-time.

    But it’s been a rough road for Couric ever since her departure from TODAY in 2006. Whether it’s been her role as anchor on the CBS Evening News or her daytime talk show, “Katie,” she’s been unable to replicate the success she had when she dominated mornings on NBC. Most believe that’s due to her unmatchable on-screen chemistry with Matt Lauer, who will likely be thrilled to have her sitting next to him once again if the deal goes through.

    The TODAY Show has most recently been stuck in second place against ABC’s Good Morning America, mostly attributed to NBC’s inability to find a winning replacement for Meredith Vieira, who was the show’s co-host after Couric, but who also left in 2011.

    Savannah Guthrie was brought in to co-host with Lauer after this rather unceremonious (and awkward) 2012 sendoff for Ann Curry, a veteran of the network who found herself completely unable to connect with the morning show’s core audience:


    The real question on everyone’s mind is: will it be Savannah crying next? That is, if she ever actually returns from maternity leave once Katie gets back in the saddle. Either way, she may find herself with plenty of time to do this:

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