• (Not a) News Flash: Newt Gingrich Still Doesn’t Like Karl Rove

    Brain injury

    In case you haven’t been paying attention to the news cycle over the past 36 hours, Karl Rove really stepped in it–again–after suggesting that Hillary Clinton may be currently suffering from a traumatic brain injury. His only source of “evidence” to back that claim up is the special Fresnel Prism glasses the former Secretary wore when she testified on Benghazi, which are intended to prevent double vision after a concussion. Hillary had already been upfront about that concussion and an accompanying blood clot at the time–she claimed it was the main reason her testimony had been delayed in the first place–so this is not an earth-shattering revelation, despite Rove’s provocative attempt at making himself relevant once again.

    Meanwhile, Newt Gingrich (no fan of Karl in the first place) is having none of it. “I think he represented the worst instincts of the consulting class in the Republican party,” proclaimed Newt on CNN’s Crossfire. I tend to agree with him, in that these petty tactics are the kinds of things that often backfire and do no real good for the GOP. If anything, it might help garner sympathy for Hillary from potential on-the-fence voters who might feel she’s being unfairly attacked with no evidence.

    Bringing up Monica Lewinsky as a campaign tactic is one thing, though I’m not even quite sure how the GOP will be able to fashion THAT into a relevant case. But throwing an unsubstantiated theory about Hillary’s health out into the ether seems foolish to me, especially since one set of health records produced by The Clintons could easily squash the argument and cost the party credibility if it chooses to hammer the point.

    In other words, “Brainers” could become the new “Birthers.” And that’s the absolute last thing conservatives need as 2016 draws near. Luckily, no one really seems to be following ole’ Turd Blossom down his path of self-destruction.

    Karl Rove’s last major meltdown came on Election Night in 2012, when he attempted to stoke the fires in favor of a Mitt Romney recount, ala Bush/Gore 2000:

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