• Newspaper: Tancredo Vs. Hickenlooper A ‘Nightmare’ For GOP

    Colorado gubernatorial candidate Tom Tancredo couldn’t win a statewide race if the Democratic candidate were caught in a sexting scandal, in the opinion of the Colorado Springs Gazette’s editorial board.

    In a scathing editorial, the paper urged Republican primary candidates Scott Gessler and Mike Kopp — described in the editorial as capable candidates — to fall on their swords and bow out of the June 24 primary race.

    That would eliminate the chance for moderate Republicans to split three ways between them and former Congressman Bob Beauprez, the scenario that makes it easiest for Tancredo to win the nomination.

    Beauprez, the paper wrote, is “the most qualified, seasoned and best-funded conservative in the race” with the best chance of beating Hickenlooper.

    “Meanwhile, former U.S. Rep. Tom Tancredo stands as lone beneficiary of an undivided special-interest niche within the party,” the editorial reads. “His loyal supporters may control a crowded-field primary, but cannot possibly sway the outcome of a two-candidate general election.”

    Tancredo’s focus on immigration will doom him in a state with a large population of Hispanic voters and where a third of registered voters are unaffiliated with any party, the editorial said.

    “Tancredo’s base consists of one-issue voters who cling to the candidate’s over-zealous obsession with immigration — an issue barely relevant to the governor’s job,” it continued. “If one thing can be certain in Colorado’s volatile political landscape, it is this: Tancredo cannot win statewide office. He would not win if blessed with a Democratic sexting scandal, so imagine his odds against a vetted, folksy incumbent with a small-business background and moderate facade.”

    In calling for Gessler and Kopp to sacrifice their campaigns for the sake of unifying more moderate Republican voters, the Gazette noted Tancredo doesn’t step aside for anyone.

    In 2010, he demanded that the two GOP primary candidates, who Tancredo deemed incapable of defeating Hickinlooper, drop out of the race in favor of someone else — him. When they failed to do so, he left the GOP for the American Constitution Party. Although he came in second, well ahead of the GOP candidate, he lost by a large margin to Hickenlooper.

    The Gazette goes further than saying Tancredo will hand the governorship to the Democrats for another four years, but that he would also doom other Republican candidates if his name is at the top of the ballot.

    “For Republicans, it’s a nightmare beyond forfeiture of the governor’s race,” the paper wrote. “While voting against Tancredo, [voters will] vote against other Republicans. Forget winning the Senate race.”

    Tancredo’s spokesman did not respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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