• NYT Reporter: Hillary’s Greatest Obstacle Will Be Naming Her Accomplishments

    New York Times reporter Nicholas Confessore claimed that Hillary Clinton’s greatest obstacle to the presidency in 2016 is naming “her biggest accomplishment as secretary of state” — adding that her supporters are “flailing on this question.”

    Confessore appeared on MSNBC’s “Jansing & Co.” to discuss Hillary’s burgeoning (though as-yet-undeclared) campaign for the presidency. The reporter agreed that Benghazi will haunt the former secretary of state, but noted that her biggest problem is a whole lot simpler.

    “I actually think, though, that the real thing they have to overcome, this question that everyone’s asking was ‘What was her biggest accomplishment as secretary of state?'” he said. “And you know, I just see flailing on this question. From her own supporters I don’t see any good answers, or at least a solid, strong answer.”

    Jansing tried to provide Hillary some cover, noting she traveled thousands of miles around the world and may have improved U.S. standing abroad (such as, perhaps, in Russia).

    “Yeah, but is that like — it’s not like the kind of thing you put out there as like, ‘This is my concrete thing that I did,'” Confessore maintained.

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