• Obamacare Opposition Hits New High

    Public opposition to Obamacare is at its highest ever, according to a Monday Pew Research Center poll.

    Fifty-five percent of Americans now disapprove of the health care law, up from a previous high of 54 percent in December 2013 — at the height of HealthCare.gov’s technical problems. Another record high of 43 percent of Americans strongly disapprove of Obamacare, while 41 percent approve.

    The all-time low comes as Obamacare is at the height of its success. The health care law’s exchanges have signed up just over 8 million people, although the Obama administration has failed to reveal how many sign-ups are paying customers.

    The results forewarn that although the Obama administration has been more successful lately, the public continues to dislike the law itself — not just the Obama administration’s poor implementation of it. (RELATED: November Forecast Gets Worse For Democrats

    With Obamacare coming out of its first enrollment period with disapproval at an all-time high, further bad news for the health care law between now and November could have even more dire consequences. With another round of Obamacare cancellations due to hit in October, its possible that the health care law could lose even more support.

    While several states including Iowa and Colorado recently opted to allow insurers to extend for another year health care plans that are not compliant with Obamacare regulations, the remaining states that haven’t accepted the Obama administration’s selective extension are predicting even more cancellations than last fall’s 5 million.

    The Las Vegas Review Journal reported Monday that changes puts up to 90,000 insurance policies in Nevada at risk for cancellation this fall, according to Las Vegas insurance broker William Wright. The total is much larger than the 25,000 that were cancelled in 2013.

    When it comes to the meat of Obamacare, Pew found that 49 percent think the Affordable Care Act’s major provisions are “probably here to stay,” while a close 43 percent think major parts will probably be eliminated.

    The major reason for disapproving of Obamacare is the belief that government is too involved in health care. Eighty percent of those who disapprove cited this as a major reason, and 42 percent cited it as the most important reason. A close runner up is that Obamacare is simply too expensive, according to 76 percent that disapprove of the law. Twenty-six percent believed this was the most important reason for disapproving.

    For the smaller percentage of respondents who did approve of Obamacare, 86 percent cited providing coverage to the uninsured as the major reason for supporting the law; 39 percent saw this as the most important reason. (RELATED: Are Most HealthCare.gov Customers Previously Uninsured?

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