• Pelosi Uses the Correspondents’ Dinner as a Great Excuse for a Koch Joke


    Blink and you might have missed this gem from Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner. In a pre-produced comedy video starring fake Vice President Julia Louis-Dreyfuss and real Vice President Joe Biden (or is it the other way around?) Joe and Julia jetted around D.C. in a bright yellow Corvette, looking for stuff to do. They ate buckets of ice cream together while borrowing some dialogue from The West Wing…and were promptly caught by White House obese police Michelle Obama. They teased House of Cards star Kevin Spacey. And of course, what you see above: they got some ink with Nancy Pelosi.

    Of course, with cameras around–and knowledge that the bit would get plenty of play on cable news–Fancy Nancy thought it would be a great opportunity to work the Democrats’ favorite boogeymen into the bit: The Koch Brothers!

    And here you thought Harry Reid was the only one with a Koch addiction. I guess we probably should have taken Chuck Schumer seriously when he warned that 2014 will be The Year of Koch.

    On the bright side, at least now we finally know what Biden and Louis-Dreyfuss were spending so much time on when this happened:


    You can check out the rest of Joe and Julia’s bit here–you know, if you’re bored or whatever:


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