• Pitbull Sentenced to Life in Prison (A Dog, Not the Rapper)

    A judge hands down a rather bizarre sentence

    A dog has been sentenced to life in prison after mauling a four-year old. Judge Deborah Griffith decided that Mickey the Pitbull will spend the rest of his life in a no-kill shelter run by a women’s prison in Arizona. The owners had agreed to euthanize the animal after it broke toddler Kevin Vicente’s jaw and eye socket, but animal rights activists cried foul. They say the attack occurred out of negligence, and they are indeed correct. The babysitter who was supposed to be watching Kevin was not looking after him when he approached the dog chained up in the yard. In turn, the judge ruled negligence as a contributing factor.

    Mickey has been neutered and defanged, and will be cared for by female prisoners.

    It’s hard to tell whether this qualifies as good news or bad news. On the one hand, an animal has been spared from being put to death. On the other hand, it will live the rest of its life as a prisoner in a questionable habitat. It’s one thing to lock up human beings, but permanently locking up an animal that doesn’t know right from wrong hardly seems humane.

    I say lock up the babysitter. What say you?

    Matt Fox

    Senior Editor

    Fox has history in broadcasting that spans two decades. From his early days as an FM host and club DJ in the mid-90′s to his later experiences in political talk radio, he has always had a knack for combining topical news with his love for popular culture. Those experiences culminated in his position as executive producer for several radio shows featured in the TALKERS Heavy 100. Originally from New York, Fox has made the great pilgrimage down to sunny south Florida.

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