• Playing Dirty: Politician Gets Caught Stealing Another’s Campaign Signs



    Out in Ford Bend County, Texas, Kris Allfrey is jockeying for the position of County Independent School District Trustee. In running that campaign, Allfrey has put up signs in Meadows Place, but recently noticed something upsetting: his signs kept going missing.

    So Allfrey did what any rational man would do: he set up a sting…and the results shocked him. 

    Video footage helped to identify the culprit, who turned out to be Trustee Bruce Albright. The twist? While Albright is currently running for re-election, he is actually NOT Mr. Allfrey’s opponent. In a Facebook post, Alright insisted, “I have never stolen anyone’s campaign signs. I did remove one of Kris Allfrey’s signs from the private property of Helfman Ford (a car dealership), which I am an agent for the owner.”

    But Allfrey isn’t buying it, and the video tells a very different tale. “He made a mistake and now he’s trying to create a story that’s not really a story. I got permission to have the sign there,” he says.

    The Meadows Police Department is currently investigating the matter, noting that “the person stealing the campaign signs faces a misdemeanor theft charge, which could mean a fine of up to $2,000 and jail time.” Yikes.

    Word of caution: Albright can keep denying it’s him in the video, but that tactic didn’t exactly turn out too well for Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.



    Matt Fox

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