• Are You Ready for Swim Shorts That Don’t Get Wet?

    Hydrophobic Nanotechnology

    You know what really stinks? Soggy swim trunks.

    But thanks to a new Kickstarter campaign, you may never have to worry about that again. Frank Anthony swimwear is designed using advanced hydrophobic nanotech that will never lose its seemingly magical properties. As you can see in the above video, liquids essentially roll right off of the shorts. They will completely repel coffee, soda, fruit juice, and more…meaning it’s virtually impossible to stain them. Pretty impressive.

    Dry trunks will free a Bro up to max out by the pool, go clubbing, and hop in his car…all without a drop on his shorts. Though critics might argue if you don’t want to get wet, you probably don’t have much business hanging chilly at the beach in the first place. However, I’d say it’s worth it to keep that foul smelling post-swim sogginess away.


    This is a completely new and unique fabric we have developed in partnership with our supplier, and it has been tested rigorously to be able to withstand detergents, salt water, and chlorine, making it unique from other nanotechnology clothing you may have seen in the past,” says Franky Shaw, the CEO of Frank Anthony.

    There are a variety of patterns and colors already available for Kickstarters, and pledges start at just $43. That’s quite a low price when you consider that these swimsuits can conceivably last a lifetime.

    And the science doesn’t stop there. Anthony says he plans on expanding to the female swimsuit market next. Now if he could just figure out a way to repel all that sand…


    Matt Fox

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