• The Real-Life “Wolf of Wall Street” Storms Out of Interview

    Jordan Belfort felt disrespected

    In a revelation that should come as a shock to precisely no one, we learn that the real Jordan Belfort is nowhere near as charming as his Hollywood portrayal by Leonardo DiCaprio in Martin Scorcese’s “The Wolf of Wall Street.” The now infamous swindler was interviewed for “60 Minutes Australia”, where his thin skin and sheer arrogance was on full display for the world to see.

    Asked some fairly basic questions about repaying the victims of his fraudulent schemes, Belfort threw a hissy-fit and stormed off the set…only to return afterwards in full prima donna fashion when he realized just how bad this is for his PR.

    “I was told this would be a friendly, nice interview. No one has ever treated me as disrespectfully as you have,” huffed Jordan at interviewer Liz Hayes. Funny how a man of such questionable ethics would ever use a term like “disrespectful” to describe how HE was treated by someone else.

    Given his crimes, Belfort got off easy. He served only 22 months in a federal prison out of  a four-year sentence–hardly enough time for him to sort it all out with his maker, though he was also ordered to pay $110 million in restitution. He was released in 2006.

    Way to be a man, though, right? Watching the tantrum unfold above, I’m convinced this “Wolf” is barely a lamb. If you’re going to steal millions of dollars and defraud countless victims while participating in sexual drug-fueled debauchery in a Wall Street office, you’d better be ready to answer for your crimes. Just because Jordan Belfort doesn’t feel like apologizing doesn’t mean he gets to decide what other people’s opinions of him are.


    Matt Fox

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