• Rejoice: Video Games for Dogs Have Arrived!



    As a dog-owner and all-around pet lover, I sometimes worry that my busy work schedule prevents me from keeping my pup mentally stimulated. Dogs get bored too, you know. And when they do, they can get cranky just like human beings. So wouldn’t it be great if dogs could entertain themselves during the day with something a bit more substantial than a chew-toy?

    Now they can.

    Introducing the latest Kickstarter-funded project, CleverPet. It advertises itself as “A Dog Game Console for Automatic All Day Play.”

    From CNET:

    At its heart, it’s a treat dispenser, but it doesn’t give up its treasures lightly. The dog has to earn the tasty morsels by figuring out a series of increasingly challenging games.

    It starts simply. The dog pushes any of the touchpad buttons and receives a treat. Then, only the lit buttons deliver a snack. The puzzles evolve from there, gaining complexity and involving different lights and colors.

    As with a lot of human games, CleverPet adapts to the skill level of the dog so it doesn’t get too frustrating or too easy. The device connects to Wi-Fi and is monitored through an app. You can check how your dog is doing and keep track of how many treats are going down the hatch.

    Oh, and the game console also doubles as a timed food dispenser for your pooch, which is a great bonus.

    A working dog is a happy dog! Now if I could only train mine to play Mario Kart 8 with me…

    Matt Fox

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