• Review: Who Wants To Marry (A Fake Prince) Harry?

    I love my reality TV. Honestly I do. But once in awhile a reality show comes along that is so annoying, so intelligence-insulting and so devoid of any shade-throwing humor that I have to stop watching after one episode.

    And that reality show is “Who Wants To Marry Harry.”

    This new Fox reality series, which began airing on May 20th here in the US, “Who Wants to Marry Harry?”, features twelve very clueless ‘stereotypical’ young American women who are determined to marry a rich man. Somehow Fox convinced these chicks to get on a plane to meet what they believe is a real ‘prince’. It is a bit later that only through an amazing suspension of reality and ignorance of any tabloid reporting on TMZ that they believe this impostor is really Prince Harry and they commence with pulling out their claws to fight over him.

    Who is ‘Prince Harry’ in this show? He is an average ‘broke bloke’ who in reality has the type of ‘dirty job that would make Mike Rowe proud. A twenty-something student, he is apparently so broke he has to borrow a friend’s bike to get around town. Referred to in the show as ‘Sir’, he is given a crash-course in being Prince Harry Windsor with the hopes he can fool these twelve women long enough to get close to the one he will reveal his ‘secret’ to. Each episode he will eliminate one of the women, while dangling the opportunity to stay in the ‘Crown Suite’ next to his suite to one of them.

    This group of ‘women’, whom I’m guessing were rejects from ‘The Bachelor’, regale us with tales of how they’ve always dreamed of being a real princess, are looking for their Prince Charming, their belief in fairy tales. Now this all well and good but in the end they’re after one thing–a rich man. And the fact that none of these chicks are willing to call BS on this charade they are willingly part of not only insults my intelligence, but that of so many other classy American women who know there is no way the British Royal Family would sign off on such a farce. And most definitely the Queen wouldn’t allow such a loud, unrefined and unsophisticated group of tarts anywhere near her grandson.

    It’s interesting that there is an actual story of an American woman marrying a member of the British royal family. That British royal was known as Edward The Duke of Windsor and in 1936 he abdicated his throne in 1936 marry Wallis Simpson–an American divorcee. And with as much scandal that Wallis Simpson brought to the House of Windsor back then, the crazy gold-digging two fries short of a Happy Meal heffas on this show could run circles around her.

    Do yourself a favor–do NOT watch this show. Just watch reruns of ‘The Bachelor’ for slightly-saner chicks.

    This unrepentant reality show trainwreck can be endured on Tuesday nights at 9pm on Fox.  

    Trish Williams

    Trish Williams is a former engineering major, who resides in Philadelphia. Trish is an avid reader, advocate for STEM education in schools, and a firearms enthusiast. She hopes to relocate to the coastal South for warmer weather and conservative political surroundings.

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