• Scarborough Interrupts Alex Wagner’s Benghazi Cover-Up Denial: ‘Don’t Insult Our Intelligence’

    MSNBC host Joe Scarborough interrupted Alex Wagner’s dismissal of secret Obama administration talking points on Benghazi, telling her not to “insult our intelligence” and demanding she explain the alleged ambiguity behind the White House’s drive to blame the terrorist attack on a Youtube video.

    Wagner appeared on “Morning Joe” Thursday to discuss the Benghazi scandal, which reached new heights last week after unreleased emails revealed White House involvement in the changing narrative and prompted the formation of a House select committee to investigate.

    As she often does on her own MSNBC show, Wagner tried to wave off the controversy as much ado about nothing. “Everybody has focused on one of the four talking points,” she exclaimed. “The other three are totally benign and exactly what you would expect from the White House.”

    “The fourth one, I think, is open to interpretation,” she continued, referencing White House orders to blame the attacks on a Youtube video, not a broader policy failure. “There’s a lot of litigation that will continue about that.But for this to launch a thousand ships –”

    “Where’s the ambiguity?” Scarborough interrupted. “Well first of all, the launch a thousands ships — when you have something that goes to the heart of the matter that the White House holds back –”

    “But is this the heart of the matter?” Wagner pushed back. “Isn’t this about embassy security?”

    “Yeah, when they say, ‘Susan Rice, don’t talk about Barack Obama’s failure in policy, talk about a videotape,’ you know this goes to the heart,” Scarborough replied. “Don’t insult our intelligence on this. Where they’re telling Susan Rice to talk about a videotape, you’re telling us that doesn’t go to the heart of the matter?!”

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