• Scumbag Sterling Says He’s Not Going Out Without A Fight

    Another day, another crazy development in the Donald Sterling saga.

    This time the disgraced Clippers owner’s lawyers are fighting back. In reaction to the NBA banning Sterling for life and forcing a deal which would lead to him selling his team, Donald Sterling’s lawyer, Max Blecher said, “I believe what they’ve done is illegal and it will not hold up in court.” “I believe what they’re doing is a blatant invasion of his constitutional rights because they’re using a tape recording that he did not consent to, and under California law, that recording cannot be used for any purpose, for any proceeding,” Blecher told ESPN.

    Blecher also said that Sterling “is going to fight to the bloody end” and has “disavowed” an agreement he reached with his wife Shelly Sterling last week that would allow her to negotiate a sale of the team.

    To anybody following the Sterling story, this new development isn’t all that surprising. This is the guy who said he’s not a racist after being caught on tape disparaging people based on their race. Sterling also said that when you’re “trying to have sex with a girl, you may say anything in the world.”

    When it comes to being a complete scumbag, refusing to sell the Clippers, and going away for good, it seems Donald Sterling is willing to do anything.

    Jerome Hudson

    Managing Editor

    Jerome Hudson has written for numerous national outlets, including The Hill, National Review, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and was recognized as one of Florida’s emerging stars, having been included in the list “25 Under 30: Florida’s Rising Young Political Class.” Hudson is a Savannah, Ga. native who currently resides in Florida.

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