• Sean Penn Gushes Over Venezuela’s President…and Compares His Challenges to Obama’s

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    If too much time passes without hearing Sean Penn drool over a dictator, I often start to worry that something terrible has happened to Spicoli. Thankfully, the Hollywood historian has showed up just in time to deliver his 2014 dose of delusion.

    We already know that Penn is a huge fan of just about every foreign thug leader in history, from Castro to Chavez. He probably has Hitler and Hussein portraits adorning the walls of his lush mansion as well. For the past decade or so, Sean has seemed to be in some sort of competition with Oliver Stone to see who can come closest to loving a tyrant without actually having sex with him. Sorry, I take that back–I have no evidence whatsoever that sex is off the table.

    Anyhow, up above we have a few of Penn’s latest philosophical meanderings, as he sat down for an interview with–wait for it–Al Jazeera, of course. In it, Tinseltown’s ultimate whack-job called Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez a “great friend,” and asserted that Maduro faces much unrest over economic hardship…just like President Obama faced when he took office. Color me skeptical, but I’m not sure Barack will be too thrilled about the comparison. Or perhaps he will.

    Honorable mention goes to Sean’s hair in this video. I don’t know if that style is for a movie or not, but if he’s wearing it that way for fun, he truly has become a special flavor of insane. Not since Christian Bale in “American Hustle” have I seen such a wild mop. I’m having a hard time believing it’s actually real.

    At any rate, between all of his make-out sessions with autocrats, I sure hope Buddy Penn can make time for some “tasty waves”:

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