• Senile Senate Majority Leader Says the GOP Hates Women, Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, Gays…and Everyone Else

    Going for broke

    I know, I know. Dumping on this guy is getting old. But what can you do when he won’t just close his yap already?

    I’d suggest that Harry Reid forgot to take his crazy pills before sitting down for his interview with MSNBC’s Chuck Todd…except for the fact that outbursts such as the one on display this time have become par for the course whenever Hopalong Harry opens his mouth. Reid’s latest projectile vomiting in the form of words was directed at, predictably, the Republican party…like it always is. And this time, he just went for broke.

    “They’ve done everything to dump on women, they’ve done everything to dump on Hispanics, African-Americans, Asians, gay and lesbians, and who else have I left off? They have taken everybody.”

    Wow, Harry. I especially love the “everybody” part. I’m pretty sure hating “everybody” would ensure that a political party wouldn’t control anything. But last I checked, the Republicans are in charge of the House, and have quite a good chance of taking back the Senate this fall. So it sounds like someone is just a tad scared, but wants to sound tough. I’d expect nothing less from this former boxer. Reid insists that the GOP “can’t elect a president” and have no strong 2016 candidates.  It’s almost as if everything Harry says reflects how he WANTS the world to be, rather than how it actually is. I think that’s called non compos mentis.

    Meanwhile, The Twit taught us all an important lesson about the Koch Brothers in this interview, because, why not? The lesson: there are bad billionaires, and there are good billionaires:

    Well now it all makes sense. Democrat billionaires are awesome, while Republican billionaires are shadowy terrorists! Mystery solved! Somebody get this guy a Medal of Freedom, pronto. And a bib.

    By the way, Senator Sneed…er, Reid…didn’t end his Chucky-T interview without dropping yet another one of his infamous allegations with no proof. And this one had nothing to do with Mitt Romney not paying taxes or the Koch Brothers causing climate change. Nope, this one was directed at Redskins owner Dan Snyder, as Harry claimed that Snyder has been bribing Native American tribes with free cars in order to gain their support to keep his team name unchanged:

    Sure, that sounded believable. I’m pretty sure Reid received that tip from the same invisible friend who told him it was the GOP who helped Russia annex Crimea.

    And there’s your Hothead Harry dose(s) of the day. Fear not, as I’m sure there will be plenty more oodles of insanity to come. He’s actually becoming about as unhinged as Robert Byrd was during his last years on Earth. At this point, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the confused Leader makes a mistake in his pants during an upcoming floor speech.


    Matt Fox

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