• State Department: Obama Rarely Pats Himself on the Back Over His Foreign Policy

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    Just a tiny bit of hilarity here to propel you into your weekend activities. Apparently, Jen “Hashtag” Psaki of the Obama State Department is auditioning for a role on a sitcom or something, because she was nearly laughed off the podium on Thursday after claiming that our humble POTUS “doesn’t give himself enough credit” on his foreign policy.

    I’m not quite sure what got slipped into Jen’s coffee mug when she wasn’t looking, but I can only assume that she didn’t happen to hear Prezzo’s ponderous and snooze-inducing commencement address to West Point graduates this week, in which he continually congratulated himself for having a totally awesome Obama Doctrine. Beyond that, Dear Leader is still, to this day, afflicted with Bin Laden Tourette’s Syndrome, a condition which causes him to randomly vomit out the name of the deposed Taliban leader as a reminder to America that he was the president who authorized the raid that killed him.

    Seriously, when it comes to taking credit for success, there’s no one quicker to the draw than Barack Hussein Obama. I wouldn’t mind it so much if he would simply apply the same standard to his failures. But alas, when it comes to bad news, The Buck Stops Nowhere.

    Special shout-out to Associated Press reporter Matt Lee in the above clip, who delivered my vote for Quote of the Week when he asked Psaki how much credit she thinks Barry truly deserves: “What, like, 200 percent credit?

    Onyx said it best: SLAM!!!

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