• Team Obama on Benghazi: “Dude, This Was Like Two Years Ago”

    The epitome of sheer arrogance

    Every so often, we manage to get a true and unfiltered look into the Obama mindset by way of the warped men and women who represent his administration. Case in point, the dope above who, believe it or not, was actually the National Security Council spokesman. When pressed by Bret Baier of Fox on the now-infamous changed Benghazi talking points in light of the latest documents, Tommy Vietor called the whole thing a “mundane process”…that is, after tossing a casual “dude” at Bret for bringing up two-year old news.

    Sure, dude. “Two years ago.” Hilarious. Except for the part where four brave Americans are still dead.

    First of all, it hasn’t even been two years. Second of all, to quote one of Tommy’s probable best friends, what difference does it make? I don’t care if it was TEN years ago. Or more. We still don’t have any answers about where the hell Obama and Hillary were while our people were being slaughtered by terrorists.

    By the way, in case you were wondering, Tommy clearly had the whole “dude, this was like two years ago” line planned out in advance. Check out his Twitter page from yesterday:

    So there you go. Yet another cavalier member of the Obama administration who just doesn’t give a crap about dead patriots. But we shouldn’t really be surprised, since it was Jay Carney himself who proclaimed that Benghazi “happened a long time ago” less than 8 months after the attack:

    These guys may desperately want to forget this ever happened, and they can even joke about it like the jerk above, since they succeeded in putting the president whose watch this occurred under back in office. But we don’t have to forget.

    Matt Fox

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