• Toxic Sterling Seeks Reputation Help, Gets Door Slammed In His Face


    The torrent of negative press coverage is finally getting to Donald Sterling.

    The owner of the Los Angeles Clippers, recently banned from the NBA, is seeking the services of high-powered consultant firms to help him repair his splattered image.

    But it appears that Sterling may even be too toxic for them.

    A source within ReputationManagementConsultants.com, a leading crisis management company based in California, tells Daily Surge that one of Sterling’s henchman sought their aid this morning.

    “Sterling wanted our help purging the damaging info on the Internet about him and aggressively rebranding his reputation.”

    Indeed, an internal memo from ReputationManagementConsultants.com obtained by Daily Surge reveals that Sterling’s rep “relayed issues involving negative information prominent and extremely visible within the search results of the major search engines, especially Google, when an individual searches keywords related and relevant to Donald Sterling.”

    The rep “expressed a desire to have the items removed and/or suppressed.”

    Translation: Donald Sterling took a peek at his Wikipedia page and didn’t like what he read.

    And even though undertaking the project would’ve brought in a cool $600,000, Reputation Management Consultants declined the contract.

    “We don’t take on racists as clients. Sterling is still living in the 17th Century,” an individual with inside knowledge of the proposal told us and who requested anonymity.

    The source said that it would’ve been one thing if the embattled NBA owner were showing contrition and remorse. “We can work with that. But he still has major issues to work out internally.”

    “My advice for Sterling is to find God. Face the truth about himself, repent, and go from there.”

    Sterling will reportedly sue the NBA if he is forced by the league’s other owners to sell the team. It’s now going on a week since TMZ released the audio of his racist remarks.

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