• U.S. Government Accidentally Sends College Kid a Drone in the Mail


    File this one under the biggest “oopsie” of the month. Maybe even the year.

    UPS has a bit of explaining to do, after delivering a package containing a government drone to an unsuspecting college student. Then again, the federal government itself has a bit of explaining to do, regarding why it’s using UPS to deliver drones. At any rate, the box contained parts of a “Puma” drone owned by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

    The tale unfolded earlier this week when a Reddit member who calls himself “Seventy_Seven” began posting the following pictures to his account, asking the question, “did I just get a drone in the mail?”



    Seventy_Seven opened the box because he had been expecting a weightlifting bench to arrive. I’d submit that what he ended up with was just a tad bit cooler. The box contained wings, a control panel, and a card marking the parts as “USA FEDERAL PROPERTY” that should be returned to NOAA. Did I mention that the drone is worth roughly $350,000 smackeroos?

    “We’re still investigating what happened, but it’s true that we had a misdelivery,” says UPS spokeswoman Susan Rosenberg. “We’ve already reacquired the package and will get it to the intended recipient.”

    That’s quite a “misdelivery”. What’s next? Will they accidentally deliver Charlie Sheen’s cocaine to Kirk Cameron?

    My advice for Seventy_Seven: KEEP IT! Or at least send it to Rand Paul for research purposes.


    Matt Fox

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