• Udall Welcomes Biden For Fundraiser After Blowing Off Obama In January

    Vice President Joe Biden is in Denver Tuesday for a fundraiser on behalf of Colorado Democratic Sen. Mark Udall.

    It may be a sign of how tough the closely-watched Senate race has become, since Udall famously — and awkwardly — refused to answer a question on live television as to whether he would campaign with President Obama.

    In comments to CNN immediately after the State of the Union, Udall tried to dance around a reporter’s question about Obama, flatly refusing to say whether he would invite the president onto the campaign trail — not once, but three times.

    At the time, Udall could afford to be coy about receiving support from the White House. Because of the disastrous rollout of the Affordable Care Act, Obama was seen more as a liability than an asset, and Udall faced a gaggle of second-tier competitors vying for the GOP nomination.

    But since then, Republican Rep. Cory Gardner has entered the race and has been toe-to-toe with the incumbent ever since.

    Biden is scheduled to deliver the 2014 commencement address at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs on Wednesday, but he’s arriving early to host a private fundraiser in Denver, Fox 31 reported. Udall will be in attendance at the event, which will jointly benefit both him and the Colorado Democratic Party, according to the station.

    Jill Biden, the vice president’s wife, is hosting a separate “Women for Udall” fundraiser in Colorado Springs Wednesday.

    It’s not the first time Biden has involved himself in Colorado politics. During contentious debate over Colorado’s new slate of gun laws in 2013, he called Democratic leaders in the state senate to encourage them to pass the bills.

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