• Woman Can’t Get Meds Because HealthCare.gov Thinks She’s A Man

    Shelby Higdon, a female college student, told a South Carolina news station that she’s been unable to get her medication because her Obamacare insurance plan has marked her as a man.

    “When it was time to get my medicine, they told me that they couldn’t give it to me because on my insurance I was registered as a man,” Higdon told WLOS.

    Higdon said that she had to sign off on her insurance forms after they were prepared, double-checking that she’d gotten all her information correct. The mix-up came after the fact and she’s had trouble getting it fixed.

    “I called HealthCare.gov probably about 8 times,” Kris Higdon, Shelby’s mother, told WLOS. But although federal Obamacare workers said each time that they’d manually fixed the problem, the information was never communicated to Higdon’s insurance company, where Higdon continued to face the problem.

    Though it would seem to be a simple change, the insurance company couldn’t correct Higdon’s gender either.

    “They couldn’t fix it because they didn’t have the form or the authority to fix it because they got the information from the health care website to do it,” Shelby said.

    HealthCare.gov is notorious for its problems communicating application information between the federal government and insurance companies, potentially a sticking point that made it so difficult for Higdon to straighten out the problem. (RELATED: Insurance Companies Struggle With ‘Duplicate Enrollments’ Left By HealthCare.gov Chaos) 

    Blue Cross Blue Shield told WLOS that they’d found the problem with Higdon’s insurance plan and fixed it.

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