• Al Sharpton Still Smarting Over Confrontation With Jason Mattera

    Is someone still a little peeved?

    It’s been nearly two months since Daily Surge’s own Jason Mattera confronted the Reverend Al Sharpton over his history of racism and hate. And judging from today’s appearance on MSNBC’s “Ronan Farrow Daily,” he’s still pretty pissed about it.

    I’ve used the n-word and other words I shouldn’t have used,” said Sharpton in his own defense. “I’ve grown out of. Let everyone grow out of it,” he pleaded.

    Well, we seem to be making at least some progress with Al, but I wouldn’t exactly call that an apology. You don’t just get to “grow out of” things that you do or say, especially after you’ve become a prominent public figure in politics and the media. Sorry Sharpie, but you’re accountable for your actions, even if you believe things that happened “twenty/thirty years ago” — events which were, in fact, far more recent than that — aren’t fair game anymore.

    Where Sharpton truly begins to go off the rails once again is his insistence that “The Right” has been attributing things to him that he never said. In actuality, Mattera was simply reading Al’s own quotes back to him verbatim. And to top it all off, he actually claimed today with a straight face that it’s his own past racism which qualifies him to speak out against the hatred! Great logic, Reverend! Let’s also consult pedophile rapists about Amber Alert laws and murderers about the penal system…you know, since you seem to believe it’s the guilty ones who deserve to teach others and all.

    BONUS: Rewatch Mattera’s original exchange with Sharpton here:

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