• Alan Colmes: ‘Conservatives Basically Want To Have Sex With The Constitution’

    Remember when Alan Colmes mocked Rick Santorum for the actions he took after losing his newborn son? Or when he referred to Tea Party supporters as “teabaggers”?

    Colmes, a liberal talk-radio host and Fox News contributor, has been an unabashed apologist for big government for decades. So during Tuesday’s segment of The Alan Colmes Show, the Obama Administration’s steadfast ally was quick to take jabs at a caller challenging his position on the IRS scandal– which, according to Colmes, is not a scandal, but  “mismanagement, at best.”

    Colmes’ penchant for contemptuous ridicule over civil discourse resurfaced when the caller began criticizing liberals for their dismissive attitude toward the IRS scandal involving the targeting of conservatives groups seeking tax-exempt status, former IRS official Lois Lerner’s refusal to testify at Congressional hearings and her disclosure that thousands of emails were lost when her computer hard drive crashed in mid-2011.

    After the caller argued that Lerner’s admission to targeting conservative groups, refusal to testify, and subsequent resignation seemed to legitimize the wide-spread skepticism concerning her innocence, Colmes responded by asking him why conservatives have criticized Lerner for exercising her constitutional right when they “basically want to have sex with the constitution.”

    You can read the conversation below or listen to the audio clip above.

    Caller– Hi Alan, how’re you? Just wanted to comment. I can’t believe you and some of your callers. You don’t see the IRS scandal…

    Alan– No.

    Caller- You don’t have a problem?

    Alan- I think it’s mismanagement, I don’t think it’s a scandal.

    Caller– Mismanagement? We’ve got missing emails, hard drives that are erased, and not only hers, but six of the people she corresponded…

    Alan– And this was known for a long time and now congress is all of a sudden acting like… and you know one of the reasons there are computer problems? This was because – and we have the story up on Alan.com – a lack of funding so the IRS could not get up-to-date equipment. They’re using antiquated equipment and they’ve lost data. But nothing… I mean, I understand how it looks.

    Caller– It looks terrible.

    Alan– However, the republicans try to make everything a scandal. It’s mismanagement at its best.

    Caller– It’s mismanagement so she invokes her Fifth Amendment right?

    Alan– Last time I checked… you know it’s funny to me that conservatives talk about how much they love the constitution but when somebody exercises their constitutional rights they’re declared guilty when they’re not supposed to be. Simply because of the Fifth Amendment. Does invoking the Fifth Amendment indicate guilt? I mean, I love how conservatives always tell me how much they love and admire and basically want to have sex with the constitution – except they’d probably get paper cuts with that old parchment paper – but when somebody actually exercises their constitutional rights, it’s a big problem.

    Gabriella Morrongiello

    Gabriella Morrongiello is studying political science and journalism at The George Washington University. She was founding chairwoman of the Young Americans for Freedom chapter at Oregon State University. Her work has often been featured on Fox News and the Drudge Report.

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