• Allen West: Obama’s Response To Iraq Was A Whole Lot Of Nothing

    Obama said he is going to consider options for Iraq. Let me translate.

    Option one, you close down the US Embassy and flee today.
    Option two, you close down the US Embassy and flee tomorrow.

    Today’s speech was vintage Obama: more words, more talk, and no solutions. It is up to the Iraqis to solve their problems? Then why Mr. President did you violate the War Powers Act and provide military support to islamists in Libya?

    Obama says, “We should look at the situation carefully” — well, what red lines does he need? It would have been better for Obama to say nothing — or maybe it doesn’t matter because in giving a speech, he said nothing anyway.

    Is the Syrian Civil War overflowing into Iraq? Obama responded, “that’s been happening for some time.” Yes, Obama, it is a long-term problem, one which you created and could have been avoided.

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    Allen West

    Allen West served 22 years in the United States Army and as Lieutenant Colonel West served in several combat zones: in Operation Desert Storm, in Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was a Battalion Commander in the Army’s 4th Infantry Division, and later in Afghanistan.

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