• Behold the Latest Disgrace at the IRS: Their Lawyer

    Meet Jennifer O'Connor

    Mere hours after the House Oversight Committee did a fantastic job taking IRS Commissioner John Koskinen to task last night — despite his continued stonewalling — a follow-up hearing was held this morning, in which former IRS lawyer Jennifer O’Connor was subpoenaed for testimony. She was forced to appear, after a late-night letter from White House Council Neil Eggleston attempted to ensure that O’Connor would conveniently be “unavailable” for questioning. In other words, she was dragged to Capitol Hill today, kicking and screaming.

    Before her current job in the legal department of the White House, O’Connor had been working at the IRS, tasked with responding to the requests of Congress last year during the height of the Lois Lerner scandal and all of its related unanswered questions. Put another way, it would appear that she has been promoted for doing absolutely nothing. Surprise, surprise.

    Today, Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) asked O’Connor some very basic questions. Questions like: who did you work with? Shocker of all shockers: she couldn’t manage to think of one single person (well, except for that “dude named Ben”). Check out some footage of the questioning above, where Chaffetz exposes the arrogance of yet another IRS asshat.


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