• Behold the Top 30 Most “Hill-arious” Amazon.com Reviews of Hillary’s Book

    Hard reactions to "Hard Choices"

    Earlier this week, I commented that Hillary Clinton’s new memoir, “Hard Choices,” was rated 3.5 stars on Amazon.com within hours of its release.

    A mere 24 hours later, that rating sunk even lower to a pathetic 2.5 stars. By the time you read this, it will be lucky if it hangs on to 1 star. It would appear that no one likes this book, except perhaps the immediate relatives of Rodham…though we can’t be totally certain that her relatives are fans either, as they probably used aliases when reviewing this train-wreck for Amazon. And that brings us to — drumroll, please:


    In no particular order:


    I became violently ill before finishing the first chapter and had to burn it in a bio-hazard incinerator. Dangerous stuff.


    The directions on shampoo were more interesting than this. I feel like the Clintons owe me 4 hours of my life back.

    Toilet Paper:

    Totally unequivocally pure unadulterated stinky no good terrible crap. I would not recommend using this as toilet paper, maybe kindling, do not waste your money.

    Real cow manure is cheaper:

    Granted I detest her, OK? Still, I do read about the enemy, if only to understand them better. Unfortunately, though, while “life’s like a box full of chocolates” the only similarity here is the figurative color coordination. The writing is decent yet unfortunately the association with facts is just enough to argue this boring vanity printing has some faint connection to reality. Less so than ‘Soylent Green,’ or ‘Das Kapital,’ but then this one sprang from a mendaciously venal megalomaniacal source. Admittedly, this is based on less than half the book, but I have greater respect for my health than to force myself to consume any more pure bovine excreta.

    Lies start with Cover Photo:

    Who is that person on the cover of the book? It isn’t Hillary, as Hillary has more wrinkles than Rip Van Winkle.

    Putrid partisan puke:

    Acquired this steaming load of tightly coiled excrement from a friend who warned me of its content but as the fool I am, I read it anyway…. well, as far as I could get before my digestive tract rebelled in an excellent demonstration of sympathetic nervous system functioning.

    Things that make you go hmmmmm:

    I did a search for the Wizard of Oz and this book came up. Will someone dump a bucket of water on this witch already. The country is done with the Clintons, time to move on to bigger and better things.

    I feel so sorry for her I had to buy this book:

    How did she survive leaving the White House dead broke? They could hardly pay their multiple mortgages for their multiple houses, send Chelsea to Columbia, carpet bag in New York, or anything! And no help from the United Way, Salvation Army, or Pants Suits for the Homeless. Oh, the horror!

    What difference does it make at this point:

    I originally purchased Rodham’s book because I was intrigued on what a sociopath, narcissist, lesbian agenda pushing feminist, pathological liar and wife of an impeached president who lied under oath to a Federal Grand Jury, would have to say about herself. Well, I have to say, the book lived up to my wildest expectations of what a delusional, old, angry, rich white women, incapable of compassion or empathy, would write about herself.
    This book could quite possibly be her greatest accomplishment of her entire political career of lies. Obviously she thinks she will be the next US president. God help us all! It should be an Easy Choice to pass on ‘Hard Choices’. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

    Nothing but crap:

    Such a tough life her and bill have, flat broke when they left the WH, with all the china and furniture. Flat broke when they went into the WH. Oh poor Hillary. They had to eat rice and beans for the 8 years in the WH. Such crap. Those hard choices, such as leaving the four to die in Benghazi. Oh, woes me.

    Vomit inducing self serving crap:

    This is a mass of lies, half truths and revisionist claptrap foisted on a gullible public by a desperate political hack pathetically clinging to power in a final demonstration of putrid corruptness.


    She is not sticking to any format, the whole book is like one long continuous letter and a boring one at that,
    She’s self promoting too much, like an egomaniac standing at the mirror.

    Book sucks:

    Her last book is on sale @ Amazon for .1 cent…. kinda tells one how acclaimed this book is… pure trash…

    Time to wake up America:

    Boring, nothing of substance, and purely a transparent ramp up to her 2016 campaign. Voters made a terrible decision (twice) putting an unqualified candidate in the oval offiice. Time to wise up America and stop electing idealogs, or candidates for “historical” reasons and elect qualified candidates who can lead. To the libs questioning reviewers ability to read a paltry 600 pages in a day, I will poing out that is pretty slow when compared to all of the democrats who read the 20,000+ ACA bill overnight.

    I read it while watching a Braves game:

    The game was more exciting and easier to understand. Actually, I wish I had kept my Secret Decoder Ring from my childhood so I could find out what she was trying to say. It didn’t cost me a dime – I borrowed it from a leftist friend who was so EXCITED that she told me (and I quote) “This wonderful woman is going to be our next President”. I now quote Dorothy Parker: “This book should not be tossed aside lightly – it should be flung with great force”.

    Stick a fork in her…..She is done:

    I honestly tried to read it but simply could not get past chapter three and started skipping ahead to possibly find something interesting.. How anyone could say they had a hard life such as being broke when they left the WH is beyond me. She started being an enabler to Bill and that will be her legacy.


    I thought there would be more about putting out Bill’s bimbo brushfires, I was very disappointed. Did Hillary’s ghost writer get bumped on the head too?

    Thick. And Heavy. With Some Lady On Front:

    This is a Book. It is Thick. It is Heavy. There is a Picture of a Lady. It is like a Box of Chocolates. Thank you. Forrest Gump, Alabama

    Really ??

    She was a horrible FLOTUS
    She was a worthless Senator
    She was an ineffectual SOS
    So who, other than a blind, deaf clinton supporter would think she could ever be POTUS ?

    History or fiction?

    I find it interesting that this book is classified as United States History by Amazon. Based on Hillary’s record, it should clearly be characterized as a work of fiction. BTW, did they ever release the name of the author who actually wrote this work of fiction.

    Hard Times forced the theft of White House Table Ware!

    It is a typical book cover, pages and page numbers. Only this one will have special value at next Christmas White Elephant gift exchange.

    Beyond Pathetic:

    So out of touch with the American people. A liar, & & & oh well at this point WHAT DIFFERENCE DOES MAKE??? I would NOT recommend this to no one, not even my dog.

    How is this NO.2 on Amazon?

    Did the clinton camp and associates buy up all the books to keep it at the top like they did in the past? Bought this locally and it is full of lies and subtle blame games. She has no record other than being a failure.

    Horrible! Just Horrible!

    Wow, I don’t know what made Hillary think she had enough literary skill to write in complete sentences, but this is not helping her case. Even the “hard” choices she talks about, without spoiling anything, are so dull and lacking in expression, I really thought I was reading a weekly journal or something. Just horrible. The most boring thing I have EVER read. This does NOT make me excited to think of her giving ANY Presidential speech or presentation. What was she thinking!!!!??? DO NOT BUY!

    Empty on substance:

    I could only read the first few chapters before i got that feeling like i was about to vomit. Lies followed by BS the followed by more lies…


    Thank you Hillary for curing my insomnia. I now just pick up you book and within seconds I’m asleep. And just what exactly were the “hard choices” you made? There clearly aren’t any of them listed in this piece-of-crap book.

    75 year old brain damaged grandmother:

    Absolute garbage. Another reminder why this evil, disgusting person needs to be prevented from ever again entering the white house or into any position of power.

    Poll Tested, Blow Dried Tripe for Political Fodder:

    More mumbo jumbo from the political set. I think a Putin book of his speeches would be as or more enlightening!!

    600 boring pages of self righteous BS:

    The title of my comment says it all.The book could have been condensed down to about 5 pages and would have said everything the that she stretched over 600 pages…

    Not worth the paper it is printed on:

    under no circumstances would I ever read this book even if Hillary paid me a million $$ I would not read it.. I am serious! both she and her impeached lying rapist husband are both evil!

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