• Bill Maher Admits Dems Are Getting Sick of Hillary’s Crap

    Fear and loathing


    Some very revealing words here from Bill Maher and company, as it’s becoming crystal clear just how scared the Left is that Hillary Clinton is about to blow her chances at winning the White House for them. It would appear that Democrats are so keenly aware of how weak she really is as a candidate that they’d rather hide her in a closet for a couple of years than risk any more gaffes that might paralyze her presidential prospects. It can’t help matters that she’s already lost once before.

    If Maher represents the current zeitgeist among liberals, that’s really bad news for The Clintons. The Democrat party was able to propel Barack Obama into the White House back in 2008, thanks to the notion of electing the first African-American president, and also because he was relatively unknown. Most critics questioning his background were implied to be racists, so his original path to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue was rather easy to craft. Bill Maher and his cohorts may think it’s possible to try a similar strategy and put a cork in Hillary until the “real” campaign season begins, but there’s a major difference here. Where Obama’s questionable past was easily covered up by his cronies, Hillary Clinton has spent a lifetime in the public eye. She’s made decades-worth of comments that opponents can (and will) comb through, and she has engaged in certain questionable activities that will no doubt be fodder for future debates. Her frequent cheerleader, MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, went so far as to say over the weekend that Hillary “lacks self awareness.” No amount of hiding is going to cover that up, and I would submit that if she actually attempted Maher’s disappearing act as a strategy, an awful lot of people would be asking where the hell she is. With the aforementioned public record that she has, it wouldn’t take long to coax Hillary right back into the open. On one level, it’s like she’s in hiding already. In fact, she’ll likely be seen as a coward if she continues to skirt current events in the way she has been throughout the past few weeks.

    Barack Obama has positioned America in a very different place than we were when he assumed office. Americans are hungry for someone to clean up the mess that he promised to, failed at, and made worse. If Hillary decides to go radio silent at this precise moment in time, Elizabeth Warren may start looking a whole lot more attractive to the Democrat party. Then again, most of them probably prefer Warren to Clinton anyway, but they know in their heart of hearts that Hillary has got Elizabeth beat in the charisma department (which really doesn’t take very much).

    On a related note, Obama himself gave Hillary a tiny boost on Sunday, coming dangerously close to saying “what difference does it make” about her “dead broke” gaffe:


    Unfortunately for Hillary, Obama’s support means essentially nothing for the base of the party, which has been bolting from the president left and right this year. But hey, if she’s losing the Bill Mahers of the world, she’ll take the help anywhere she can get it, right?

    Matt Fox

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