• Is Bowe Bergdahl’s Father A Jihadist Sympathizer?

    Sure looks like it.

    Here’s a tweet Bergdahl’s father published before the announcement that his son Bowe was released, but has subsequently deleted:


    free-guantanimo-prisoners-tweet-zigler (1)

    As Lt. Col. Allen West points out, Bergdahl’s tweet is disturbing for many reasons:

    Folks, this is either a very bad case of Stockholm Syndrome or something far more nefarious is at stake. Regardless, there is more to this than meets the eye of Obama making a unilateral decision and announcement on a Saturday — when he believes no one is watching.

    This is not just going to slip away and we’re not going to get caught up in the emotion of Bergdahl’s release. He wasn’t “captured” — he deserted his assigned post.

    And by nefarious, we’re sure West means that President Obama failed to mention at his Saturday press conference that he ordered the Bergdahl swap in exchange for five very dangerous Taliban fighters with very close links to al Qaeda who were being held at Gitmo. In other words, the Obama administration (unlawfully, perhaps) just set five hardened Jihadists free from U.S. custody and may be bringing a converted one back to our shores.

    It’s been reported that not only did Bowe Bergdahl convert to Islam while in “captivity,” but that he was also “training Taliban fighters [in] bomb-making and ambush skills.”


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