• A Brief Look Back at Team Obama’s “Mission: Accomplished” Moments

    So this is what success looks like

    Liberals just love to cite President George W. Bush’s infamous “Mission: Accomplished” moment on Iraq. But when it comes to Barack Obama, Bush critics conveniently choose to ignore the fact that the sitting president has essentially done the same thing. And worse, Obama has declared Iraq a success not once, but MANY times since his announced withdrawal of all troops. The brief video I’ve compiled above in cooperation with Grabien highlights just a few of those times.

    It’s amazing how a guy who famously called the Iraq invasion a “dumb war” jumped at the opportunity to pat himself on the back when he believed things had turned around, as if he was trying to convince the American people that he personally masterminded the surge. The overall problem with Obama’s “take credit for the positives/assign blame for the negatives” approach is that sometimes, his perception of what’s a positive achievement backfires. Bowe Bergdahl, anyone?

    Indeed, given the absolute disintegration of the security situation in Iraq, perhaps it was just a bit too premature to spike that football. So, what is the Left to do now? Simple: go back to blaming George Bush, of course! Hillary Clinton and Howard Fineman have already gotten the ball rolling on that score, so expect to hear a lot more of this in coming days:

    Thanks a pant-load for the intellectual honesty, guys!

    Matt Fox

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