• Chelsea Clinton: My Dad Has Always Taught Me Right From Wrong!


    If you can manage to watch this video with a straight face, you deserve a medal. Chelsea Clinton decided to share a few thoughts in honor of Father’s Day…which is nice, but you have to admit that doing so publicly when your father is the world’s most famous philanderer is kind of hysterical.

    He’s always taught me the importance of doing right,” proclaims Chelsea of her daddy in the above message. While I have no doubt that Bubba is a great dad when it comes to most things that don’t directly involve having to stay faithful to Chelsea’s mother, I’ve got to wonder what sort of life lessons Slick Willy has imparted into his now-adult daughter over the years. Even if he’s said the right things to her, his actions do unfortunately speak louder than his slippery words. I suppose the best way Bill could have possibly shared words of wisdom with his little girl would have been to instruct her to behave in a complete opposite fashion from himself. Luckily for her, Chelsea is a female. Could you imagine if The Clintons would have had a son? He’d have probably grown up with the moral compass of Tiger Woods. I guess Bubba really has been blessed to have had a daughter.

    He made every effort when I was growing up to be home for dinner every night…unless he was on another continent,” says Chelsea. Yes, indeed, his travels as President of the United States may have even exceeded his wife’s own journeys as Secretary of State. You know, as traveled to faraway continents like Lewinsky, Flowers, Willey, Jones…

    Certainly, one of his his credos that I’ve adopted fully is that it’s always better to get caught trying than to never have tried at all,” spoke the youngest Clinton of her dad. Oh, yes he tried! And he got caught…


    What a father!

    Matt Fox

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