• Dem Hack Bob Shrum Fantasizes That the GOP Will Run Romney in 2016

    Keep dreaming, Bobby Boy

    What’s the best word or phrase to describe a person who only sees the world as he’d like it to be, rather than how it actually is? Delusional? Sociopathic? Resident of Cloud Cuckoo Land? All of the above? Well, when you’re talking about Shrummy the Dummy, any one of them fits like a glove.

    So-called Democratic strategist (read: ne-er-do-well) Bob Shrum unveiled his latest fantasy about Republicans during a discussion with Boy Wonder Ronan Farrow over at MSNBC. Scummy Shrummy actually believes there’s a chance that the GOP would give Mitt Romney a second — or third, depending on how you look at it — chance at the White House, should Jeb Bush and Chris Christie not work out. It’s quite amusing listening to Bob wax poetic about Republicans, mainly because his predictions are almost always completely wrong, and yet, his delivery is as definitive and insistent as anyone who truly believes his own blabber. In this case, it’s almost as if he’s daring the GOP to run Romney in 2016, like he’s creating some sort of secret Republican “trap” that only he gives a crap about. I’m sure Ronan Farrow’s two viewers were overcome with fits of chuckles right along with him. Perhaps what we’re actually seeing here is a glimpse into the Democrats’ zeitgeist, and a feeling among them that things are so bad for their party right now, the best they can hope for is a pushover candidate on the Republican side. Not a chance!

    Hey, Bob: have you ever considered what Democrats will do if Hillary Clinton falls apart before 2016? Judging from her book tour in the last week alone, it’s not beyond the realm of impossibility. Using your logic, running John Kerry for the White House again seems like something that COULD happen instead, right?

    Matt Fox

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