• Downton Flabby And Obama’s New Workout Video


    You say, Rome’s burning. You say, the worlds on fire. That we need a McArthur, a Patton, and a Reagan. Russian President Putin is flipping Russia back to Soviet times, the Taliban leaders are back in business, and we need a strong leader.

    All of which is true. Alas, we have the Jazzercise President, Obama, who blows kisses to his press secretary.

    We have a scandal-laden presidency and administration that has more cover-ups than a plus-size swimsuit shop. An administration that is more concerned with caloric intake, political correctness and gay marriage, than foreign policy and terrorism.

    During this perplexing time, it is vital to keep a sense of humor. Johnny Russo and I take a humorous look at these stories and more.

    Sutton Porter

    Sutton Porter

    Sutton Porter is a political satirist/standup comic, performing with Evan Sayet's Night of Conservative Comedy. She's a commentator on radio and TV and she is also a television producer on The Rick Amato Show. Sutton also serves as a Delegate for the GOP CA.

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