• In an Epic Breaking Bad/Walking Dead Rap Battle, Who Wins???

    I'd have an easier time predicting the outcome of the 2016 presidential race

    It’s the kind of video that has you nodding your head while simultaneously kicking yourself for not thinking of it first. The hilarious guys over at Epic Rap Battles of History have now entered the third “season” of their short-form web series that pits some of the most formidable opponents imaginable against one another, and asks you to determine “WHO WINS?!?!?” Head over to their YouTube channel to check out historic showdowns like “Darth Vader vs. Hitler” and “Donald Trump vs. Ebenezer Scrooge.”

    In this installment, we have a real conundrum on our hands, as two of AMC’s biggest stars duke it out. “Breaking Bad” as a series may be dead (though we do have the upcoming “Better Call Saul” spin-off to look forward to, as well as this rather intriguing comment from Bryan Cranston himself), but “The Walking Dead” is very much alive, and about to enter its fifth season this fall. While my gut instinct would have been to immediately run to Team Heisenberg, I have to admit that this Epic Rap Battle has me actually questioning who I’d put my money on. While Walter White might be quite crafty at mental manipulation and murder, Rick Grimes is a real sonuvabitch when a Zombie Apocalypse is going down. Plus, I simply can’t decide who has the more awesome hat.

    So comment below, and tell me: WHO WINS?!?!?!


    Matt Fox

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