• VIDEO: The Obama Workout Routine Revealed!

    He ain't Arnold...

    President Obama’s trip to Eastern Europe is all the talk today, not for any major international treaties signed or really any significant accomplishments, for that matter. Instead, the buzz surrounds footage released by a Polish tabloid of the President surreptitiously recorded lifting weights in a Marriott gym.

    Obama can be seen doing curls, shoulder presses, and lunges with what appears to be 10lb dumbbells, prior to hopping on the elliptical machine.

    But that’s not all.

    The raw footage obtained by Daily Surge reveals who the President watches during these exercise sessions. Speeches of himself would be a plausible guess, but as the video above shows, the “leader” of the free world finds his workout inspiration elsewhere.

    Watch the video to find out and enjoy this exclusive Daily Surge video production.

    Video edited by Matt Fox

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