• Fox News to State Dep’t: Why Didn’t You Pose as a Reporter to Capture the Benghazi Suspect Many Months Ago?


    A Gold Star goes once again to the always intrepid James Rosen of Fox News. Yesterday, we at Daily Surge raised questions about the timing of Ahmed abu Khattalah’s arrest, not only due to the bad news emanating from Iraq, but also because of the sheer fact that CNN and even the New York Times were able to locate this suspect way back in 2012. CNN’s Arwa Damon reported that she had Khattalah’s phone number essentially on speed dial, yet it wasn’t until now that the Obama administration finally nabbed the guy. What took so long?

    Hillary Clinton claimed to Fox News on Tuesday night that the circumstances in this case made it a difficult operation to actually get to this guy, though she offered no specific reason why. And that’s what makes James Rosen’s simple question so prescient: reporters were able to talk to the suspect, so why didn’t we just pretend to be reporters?


    Of course, that question was being asked of State Department Spokeswoman Jen Psaki. So don’t expect to hear anything that resembles a real answer when you click play. I mean, it’s not like she was going to actually admit that the Obama administration wasn’t interested in apprehending the suspect until it made sense politically. But perhaps after this exchange, Jen and her State Department cohort Marie Harf went out shopping together for disguises last night. I bet they’ve always wanted to dress up like real grown-up reporters.

    Matt Fox

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