• Hey, Look…the “Dumb and Dumber To” Trailer is Terrible

    Was this really worth revisiting?

    Well, I’m not exactly sure what I expected to see when I geared up for a first viewing of the “Dumb and Dumber To” trailer, but this looks pretty damn  awful.

    I’m surely not the target audience for this “Dumbing Attraction,” as I was no fan of the original (and tend to despise comedy sequels). But I was still curious enough to check it out if, for no other reason, to see what Jim Carrey is up to on the heels of being a humorless anti-gun nut for the past year or longer. It should come as a surprise to no one that he has resorted back to his old 1990’s shtick, so don’t be surprised if we see Ace Ventura talking out of his ass once again on the big screen in the next couple years.

    Why New Line felt this deserved a sequel (especially after it has already gotten a direct-to-DVD prequel)  is beyond me. But in the age of “Hangover 3” and “Anchorman 2,” both of which were equally unfunny but made some quick bank, it’s no shocker. I have to wonder if Carrey ever thought he’d still be doing this crap at 52.

    On the other hand, had they recast Harry and Lloyd as Obama and Biden, I’d have already pre-ordered my ticket.

    At any rate, it would appear that a few members of the Twitterverse are with me, albeit few and far between:

    Matt Fox

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